Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Kitchen... Part 1

So I had started on the kitchen before I thought of the blog so I have no  before pictures. And it's not done yet so there are no after pictures either.

So even though I have no pictures to share at the moment I just wanted to make a... I guess I'll call it a rant post.  And here goes...

Since my mom lives with us I wanted her to feel like this is her home too. I mean she grew up here after all and has even more memories of this place then even I do. So I let her pick out the 'theme' of the kitchen and bathroom. And she chose... Apples/ Country for the kitchen and Sea Shells/ Beach for the bathroom. Now I am psyched about the bathroom but I LOATHE apples in the kitchen.

Ok I guess loathe is a bit strong but I grew up with an apple theme kitchen so I'm tired of it. But anyway now for my rant. My mom wanted to paint the soffits red and the rest of the walls yellow. I know that sounds like an odd combo but try and stay with me. She found the red she wanted on an idea card while we were paint shopping and I kind of pointed her to the yellow that was on the same card and recommended as the main room color. They look great together but we are doing the ceilings throughout the house in nano white by Behr.

I just finished the first coat on the soffits after I had just finished the ceilings and now I have spots of red on my ceilings. I bought an edger based on the recommendation of the wonderful people at Home Depot. IT SUCKS! At least for me and my shaky hands. If you are ever using a dark color close to a light color USE TAPE. I can't stress that enough. It will take more time but the results (and not wanting to bang your head against a soffit) are worth it.